Subliminal Design: Revealing the Grid
A 64-page book design and in-depth study of grids systems.
Grids are all around us—from the pages of a book, to the very streets we walk. If you look close enough, they can be found everywhere in the foundation of buildings, and in the human form. A grid, in its essence, is an invisible structure. Grids are the underlying principle that guide form and function, while also being a pivotal way to structure information and content in all forms of design, both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.
Subliminal Design: Revealing the Grid explores areas of design that utilize grid systems, while exposing the invisible patterns we interact with every day. Featuring articles and excerpts from designers of the past and present, this book promotes a human-centered approach to understanding design.
Each section starts with a title spread which carries a color scheme throughout the rest of the section. The exhibition was kept simple to showcase the book, revealing photos found within the book, and bringing in the natural element of wood to create a focal point.
MICA Grad Show 2018.​​​​​​​
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